The Twisted Sisters hand dye and hand paint luxury fibers for knitting and crochet, and design patterns to make these yarns look beautiful on you. The Sisters specialize in dyeing natural fibers, along with complementary blended fibers.

We hand dye a range of nearly solid yarns – we call them “Monochromatic Variegates” – and then hand paint multi-color skeins called “Handpaints.”  While our solids are our own repeatable colors, each limited edition of coordinating handpaints is unique.  We know from personal experience the joy of creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

When we design garments to showcase our yarns, we like to take a fresh look at garment construction.  We use innovative structural elements and unusual design features. Our patterns appeal to knitters of all ages and sizes.  Some of the patterns are geared toward beginners and some toward the more advanced knitter looking for new challenges.  All are presented with clear, detailed instructions and photos and diagrams to make your knitting easier.

Twisted Sisters yarns are available directly from us.    Drop us a line if you have questions.